Innate Health / 3P Practitioner Mentoring


Whether you are thinking of setting up a Three Principles based practise or are already an experienced practitioner, 3P Life & Soul offer a mentoring package towards deepening your understanding.

It is common for people to want to share the Three Principles in coaching, consultancy or mental health practises. You may also be drawn to giving talks or hosting meet up groups in your local area. Whatever your field of experience, having a deep grounding in these Principles, gives you a superb advantage.

3P Life & Soul offer mentoring packages for practitioners which enable you to become more impactful in your sharing. The deeper your grounding & the more you live life from these Principles the more your endeavours will be effortless & profound.

Whether it’s a one off session or an agreed programme, we are dedicated in assisting you to realise your passion.

Sessions can be conducted *in person or via phone / Skype.

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*We are based in the North East of England & London.

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