About the Three Principles


The Three Principles were uncovered by Sydney Banks in 1973.  This simple understanding has transformed the lives of thousands of people.

The Three Principles are:

 MIND – the spiritual energy and intelligence behind life

– CONSCIOUSNESS – the awareness of our experience as a human being

– THOUGHT – the building blocks which determine our human experience

We all have access to innate spiritual intelligence & freewill in relation to our thoughts. Used correctly, the Three Principles, allow an individual to gain insight into their true identity, via innate health and wisdom from within.

3P Life & Soul are dedicated to assisting you to deepen your understanding of the Three Principles.

Sydney Bank’s sharing of these profound Priniciples, has resulted in individuals, businesses and communities:

– finding mental health and peace of mind

– transcend  past conditioning

– live simpler and easier lives

– have improved personal relationships & greater connection with others

– improved performance in the work place

– improve health overal through making healthier choices

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Innate Mental Health & Well-Being for Life