Inside Out Living in collaboration with 3P Life & Soul present:

Relax, retreat & orientate yourself from the spirit within.

Twice daily immersions into a deeper spiritual truth (Three Principles), three days ‘baby’ trekking, daily yoga, resonance treatments with quiet time included. This is an opportunity for reflection & insight to facilitate a flowing back into ‘normal’ life with a powerful connection to an essence of our true nature. A true nature which exists in all of us.

With full accommodation (shared), meals & transport from the local airport to the retreat centre included, you will have a chance to experience a ‘whole’ new you. A you, which exists before psychological thought & ego.

The intention is for you to experience an expansion in conscious awareness; enabling an uncovering of inner truth & insights. An opportunity to do this within the backdrop of such an amazingly beautiful, yet barren, environment, whilst walking alongside others, immersed in a deep & spiritual understanding of the Three Principles.

The Three Principles

In 1973, a Canadian / Scottish, uneducated welder, had an epiphany which led to him becoming enlightened. The knowledge which he uncovered, gave him a surety & solidness of a spiritual reality from which all creation originates from. This reality Sydney Banks found to be the oneness of life, the very same which many spiritual teachers throughout time have referenced. Syd’s understanding became known as the Three Principles of Mind, Conciousness & Thought.

What is unique about the Three Principles, is the clarity & insight into how spiritual wisdom is available to every human being. Syd also understood that what he had uncovered would transform the practise of psychology & psychiatry globally.

Indeed, since 1973, many psychologists & psychiatrists have adopted The Three Principles & have experienced their practises to become far more successful, in terms of patients regaining mental wellbeing & peace of mind.

The Three Principles understanding holds a deep spiritual, purity of knowledge, which will inform daily discussions & dialogue on the true spiritual nature of human experience.


Yoga is included on seven mornings of the retreat. This is optional & is for those who are keen to be guided on developing a daily yoga practice. Yoga to nourish & bring the body back into alignment, where needed.

Breath work informs the core of this practice to support new learned poses. Each retreat participant will start from the level of flexibility where they are at, any change is progress. ‘The Spirit Within’ yoga sessions are designed for everybody & anybody, in your own pace & time.

Three Day ‘Baby’ Trek

The trek we will take, is known amongst locals as ‘ the baby trek’ in comparison with its brother and sister treks. We will stay with local families after a day of stepping through Ladakh’s moonlike landscapes. An opportunity to stay & be welcomed by local folk, whom have been living very much secluded from the outside world.

After the summer season, Ladakh closes its roads due to heavy snowfall and the villagers get to catch up on what they have done over the summer. For the rest of the year they spend their time around the fire in their living rooms, visiting each other from door to door. Outside temperatures drop to minus 30 celcious. During summer and especially during the time of the retreat, the temperatures are very pleasant, expect mid twenties, perfect for trekking & undertaking ‘the baby trek’.

Resonance Treatments

Resonance treatments allow a break in the bodies functioning, so that the self healing ability of the body gets a chance to break through, allowing self correction to take place. Due to the nature of resonance, no outward physical stimulus is used, it is purely a natural connection between practitioner & client, similar to two tuning forks resonating. Each treatment is in alignment with the biorhytm of the individual. The treatment can be regarded as a natural reset button, a boost for the natural, overall health of the body.

About Ladakh, India:

Ladakh, perched 3,500 metres & above in the lap of the Himalayas, offers irresistible scenic beauty to the beholder. Ladakh is commonly referred to as the ‘wonderland’.

Further information on Ladakh can be found at the Lonely Planet website.

Your guides for the retreat:


Nicky Peeters (Netherlands):

Resonance therapist, Yoga teacher & Three Principles based facilitator, specialising in social work. Nicky works with people that suffer from mental illness, by exploring how real their inner landscapes really are.
Nicky, is a naturally adventurous individual. The retreat in Ladakh & the centre came to life through Nicky’s exploring & falling in love with the area, whilst on her travels. Having led previous successful retreats in Holland & India, Nicky’s exploration of the outside world of culture & nature combine with her current explorations of the inner spiritual landscape. These two aspects come together as one for the compassionate work that she facilitates as Inside Out Living.

Steve Adair (UK):


Renowned spiritual mentor, Reiki master, Three Principles based consultant, Psychotherapist & Soul Coach. Steve has studied & worked alongside some of the most profoundly spiritual teachers in the world. From an early age Steve, has been fascinated by how people think & behave. This blended with his passion for helping others has guided Steve to work within the spiritual / psychological fields since 1991. He has always followed his compassionate and helpful nature and has the rare ability to touch people with a feeling of love, which in turn wakes people to their true identity. His work has seen him presenting at conferences and facilitating workshops, webinars & talks in Europe & the U.S..

Tony Fiedler (UK):

Three Principles Coach & Facilitator, retreat leader, trainer, consultant, general good egg, with a penchant for creative endeavours. Tonys’ compassionate nature has seen him working with people in marginalised positions (homelessness, mental illness), having developed & facilitated life skills programmes underpinned by the Three Principles understanding. 

This retreat is for you if:

  • you are looking for an adventure in 2018 which has the potential to transform your life
  • you are interested in uncovering a spiritual truth & are open to experiencing your own insights into a new conscious reality
  • you relish an opportunity to unplug from the ‘everyday’ world
  • you are looking for a chance to reflect on who you are & where you are heading

This is an opportunity to align your mind, body & spirit on the trip of a lifetime.

When: 21st to 30th August 2018


EUR 1,000.00 / £900.00 which includes:

  • full accommodation (shared) & food for the duration of the retreat
  • pick up & transport from Leh airport to the retreat
  • daily yoga practise
  • tutiotion fees for Three Principles immersion sessions
  • resonance treatments (optional)
  • three day baby trek & accommodation

 Please contact to register your interest.



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