The Happiness of a silent mind

Steve Adair and Dicken Bettinger

Two day event in Milton Keynes, England, UK.

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June 2019

“Its in the silence of the mind that all the secrets of life are found, where all happiness is found. Where the keys are found. And the second you open that door you find a new level of consciousness. It is a must, life must become more beautiful”
Sydney Banks

Dicken Bettinger
Steve Adair

You are invited to join Dicken Bettinger and Steve Adair on this two-day event exploring ‘Happiness of a Silent Mind’.

A silent Mind offer us Wisdom as a pure energy that is experienced as calm, love, joy and compassion.

It is at the core of every human being.
It is because of the innate wisdom within us, that no human being can or will be broken or lacking, no matter what he or she has been through, is currently experiencing, or will encounter tomorrow.

During these two days that we will share together, Steve and Dicken will be helping participants see and feel a greater ease, clarity, and enjoyment in life.

It will be a perfect opportunity to relax, quiet our busy minds and enjoy a glimpse of life beyond our personal thinking.

Your Hosts –
Dicken Bettinger, Ed.D., is a retired licensed clinical psychologist. His career has focused on psychological well-being. In 1986 he met Sydney Banks and the Three Principles. Dicken co-founded a Three Principle training, counseling, and education center in Vermont in 1991. Dicken was a senior staff at Pransky and Associates in La Conner, Washington for 16 years, where he developed and led corporate and university leadership trainings, team development, and executive coaching. In 2012 Dicken founded 3 Principles Mentoring. He offers 4-day immersion retreats for individuals and couples; practitioner development; and individualized training programs. He enjoys leading group seminars in the US and throughout Europe. Dicken is the co-author of a book on the Three Principles called Coming Home: Uncovering the Foundations for Psychological Well-being. Dicken has been happily married for 50 years. He has two adult children and three adored grandchildren. He enjoys photography, hiking, canoeing, and traveling the world.

Steve Adair is an international speaker, trainer and mentor. He facilitates group programmes and retreats, internationally and has his own private practise based in Central Bedfordshire, UK.
Since 1991, Steve has studied and trained in different therapeutic modalities from psychology, psychotherapy, NLP to Reiki-Seichem training. Since gaining a deeper realisation of the spiritual nature of the human experience, he now bases his practise exclusively on the Three Principles.
Steve co-created the Three Principles with Life and Soul from there he offers 3 or 4 day’s immersions retreats for individuals and couples; practitioner development; and individualised training programmes. He enjoys leading group seminars and retreats in India and Europe.
Steve has always followed his compassionate and helpful nature and has the rare ability to touch people with a feeling of love, which in turn awakens them to their true identity. He enjoys the love and hanging out with family and friends, long countryside walks with his partner and their dog, and meeting and celebrating people from all around the word.

These exciting two days will be held at Camphill, Milton Keynes. Buckinghamshire. MK15 9JY

Both days will be 10am until 5pm.


If you would like to attend these two days with Steve and Dicken, please email Steve at

Once your email has been received, we will send you the bank details in order for you to secure your place on ‘The Happiness of a Silent Mind’ two days event with Dicken Bettinger and Steve Adair.

We will also be happy to send you more information on the day and directions to the venue.

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