Three Principles Individual Mentoring

Steve has a wonderful warmth, clarity and generosity in his sharing of the three principles and has helped me to see how I can choose to let go of familiar thought patterns and reactions to events. In remembering this simple practice I find I can be more fully in life and allow a greater wisdom to shine through.’ Patricia

‘During our first session I sensed that Tony’s way of listening felt entirely new to me. When he spoke, he would guide me back to my own wisdom rather than sharing his- what an amazing skill that is! He could see when I slipped in and out of remembering the inside-out nature of our experience of life. By simply smiling in that special way of his, he let me hear the little bell in my head that rang whenever I was taking outside circumstances as the ’cause’ or ‘trigger’ of my feelings. I fondly recall his voice saying, “Really Bobbie? Hmmm.” and then I would hear myself. That is all I ever needed, to be rerouted to the Wisdom within, and Tony makes the journey simple, friendly, and hopeful in a very exciting way. “Highly recommended” is an understatement.’ Bobbie

‘I was in awe of the gentleness and ease with which new “insightful thoughts” started emerging following a 1:1 counselling session with Steve, using The Three Principles. My usual mind chatter was,  and is  still there,  however;   I  became present within a few days  to “new perspectives and interpretations” emerging that were beyond the my intellect;most importantly, they felt and still feel, deep authentic statements created  from within the depths of Me ; versus being about  some external psychoanalytical insight. Deep Shifting  Authentic  Work – really wonderful stuff.’ Linda 

Three Principles Group Mentoring & Retreats

‘I have attended the Three Principles weekend event with Tony & Steve. I’ve had a very enjoyable time, I’ve had another layer in my understanding of the ultimate truth’ Penny

‘Had a wonderful peaceful weekend, helping to deepen my understanding of the Three Principles. In being exposed to the Three Principles, I see life and other people in a new and beautiful way. This truly is an amazing gift and I have met such lovely people whilst being here this weekend. Thank you Steve & Tony.’ Clare

‘What a wonderful nurturing experience! We had an excellent weekend, very low key and open, sharing and caring. I had an insight! Yes! I did on the first day and an insight on the second day. So I was / am very fortunate.
Thank you Steve and Tony, bless you.’ Marilyn

‘Thank you for the two wonderful days. I am feeling really good and going home with a feeling of being reborn.’ Richard

‘I saw that I had it already! Thank you.’ Jevon

Three Principles Meet Up Group

‘Wonderful! Can’t wait to go again. magic!’ Allan

‘Simply beautiful.’ Debbie

‘Thank you all so much for a most enlightening evening and also for making me feel so comfortable. I look forward to our next sharing times together.’ Barbara

‘Yet another fab and loving evening. Thank you Steve and Tony. XX’ Sallie

‘I feel utterly grateful that Steve and Tony are running this group in my area, and that they have given me access to such a valuable resource. I really appreciate the support and friendship I’ve found in the group as I deepen my own realisation of the principles.’ Anthony

‘Perfect, simple and loving.’ Jevon


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