Steve Adair with Tommy Olausson

Welcome to ‘Living Life from Wisdom’ with Steve Adair & Tommy Olausson.

Listen to Tommy & Steve on the ‘Ice Cream 4 the Soul’ show, 26th March 2014:


Watch the ‘Living Life from Wisdom’ webinar:

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8 thoughts on “Steve Adair with Tommy Olausson”

  1. Lovely talk… I felt so connected with you both! It was not just a wonderful FEELING but the eye contact made me feel you were talking to me specifically! The Feeling of potential and the calm with which you spoke was great. The LOVE that you share is palpable across the pond. Love to you both!

  2. Hi guys, Thank You for a great talk, great feeling.
    When it comes to “the Ego”, it is often referred to as if it was an existing entity of its own. What are your thoughts on That and what the ego is, if anything?

    Much love, hope to see you again sooner than later 🙂

  3. Hello Guys.
    Great to listen and enjoy the feelings.
    I know when things are correct through my gut feeling.
    “My thoughts create my reality”
    And… The Ego. Should be called ME GO. Its all about meeee.

    Corrine x

  4. Well done Steve and Tommy, Thank you very much, there was lots of food for thought there. I liked the idea that if we just stop thinking we might see a bit more of what is going on around us. Also its great to know that we are born with wonderful abilities it seems that we forget to use them as we get older.

    Just one comment your sound was much louder than Tommy, maybe there is a way to adjust the levels as we were deafened when you spoke and could only just hear Tommy.

    by the way what are stickers, and what do you call your lovely owl.

    just to be picky, your glasses reflected the computer screen so we could not see your beautiful eyes

    Love to you both – thanks a lot – see you soon Steve

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