Living Life With Ease

Living Life with Ease is a two-day workshop with Steve Adair and Andy Winter.

This workshop is ideal for anyone looking to find greater ease, clarity, and enjoyment in life. It is a perfect opportunity to relax, quiet our busy minds and enjoy a glimpse of life beyond our personal thinking.
When we see what is upstream from our personal thoughts, beliefs, ideas, fears, and worries, we see the potential in ourselves and all people. We experience the potential for unlimited grace, happiness, focus, creativity, and love that is in no way dependent on our circumstances, our past, on anyone or anything.

Andy and Steve will be helping participants open windows (metaphorically) to let more freshness, light, and insight into their lives. They do this by sharing simple but profound principles about how life works through us from the inside out. When people understand the nature of where our experience of life is coming from and witness the wisdom available to them at all times, they see that peace of mind, love, awareness, and freedom from insecurity are not qualities or states to be attained; but instead are the very nature of what we all are.

The real beauty of this experience is not only that participants will experience a feeling of greater connection to life, their families, friends, and work but they will develop an understanding that has the potential to shift their quality of life from this moment forward.

Please join us for a lovely weekend.

One Day Training for Practitioners

Monday will be a one-day workshop for practitioners, therapists, teachers, counsellors, life coaches and parents. It is designed for anyone who is in service to others and wants to help them tap into their best and enjoy life more. Anyone interested in Monday’s workshop needs to check with Andy and Steve about whether it is a good fit.

Your Hosts 

Steve Adair is an international speaker, trainer, Soul Coach (R) and spiritual mentor. As co-director at 3P Life & Soul he is committed to supporting you to realise your true identity & to uncover innate wellbeing & wisdom.

From an early age, Steve has been fascinated by how people think & behave. This blended with his passion for helping others has guided Steve to work within the human potential development field since1991.

Soul Coach (R), Spiritual Mentor, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist are just some of the titles which Steve has studied under & qualified as a practitioner.

Since discovering the Three Principles in 2011, Steve has realised a deeper truth about the human experience. He has always had an ability to touch people deeply in a spiritual sense & now having insight into how wisdom works, he has seen profound results in his practise.

Andy Winter is the Founder and Director of the Center for Insight and Change (CIC) and has been involved in sharing the three principles for over 25 years. The CIC provides opportunities for individuals from all walks of life (adults and youth), couples, families, schools, organizations and businesses to understand the principles behind how human beings function and their capacity to tap into their well-being, creativty and wisdom. In doing so people drammatically improve the quality of their life and affect the lives of the people and community around them.
Andy offers workshops, classes, mentoring, and 3-4 day intensives through the CIC.

Date: 17th & 18th November 2018 – Living Life with Ease workshop 19th November 2018 – practitioner training

Location: Dunstable, Bedfordshire

£200 for three days including the Living Life with Ease & the Practitioner Training Day.
£120 for the two day living life with Ease workshop only.

Please contact Steve at to show your interest for either the two day or three day workshops and to receive payment detail to secure your space.

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