Less Stress, More Joy


Come & take part in a two day friendly & relaxed space, where we will look at:

* How stress and unhappiness can stop you from achieving goals

* Where joy & happiness ‘really’ originate from

* What helps you when feeling anxious

The aim of this workshop is to not intellectually investigate what you feel is wrong with you or what you need to change in your life; but to foster a heart felt meaning, leading to life becoming more informed by the magic of & beyond life.


Who is this weekend for:

* Do you want to have healthier & happier relationships with your partner, family, friends & colleagues?

* Would you simply enjoy the inquiry into the unknown, psychological / spiritual nature of life.

* Are you are a helper, healer, therapist & want to look deeper into how an understanding of the true meaning of mental health will help your clients.

* Are you are a coach or consultant & would like to become more impactful in your work, opening your clients to insights & wisdom toward profound sustainable change & transformation

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have a special weekend in mind for you!


During our time together we will explore:

* How three simple principles allow our mind to become quiet and how in this quiet we have access to innate wisdom and inner intelligence.

* How these principles as a spiritual gift are inherent within you.

* That beyond your limiting thinking is the potential for much more than you know or could ever possibly imagine


Benefits of the weekend:

Once you begin to understand how and from where your experience of life is created; you will more freely, begin to see yourself and others in a different light.

This then allows you to develop more compassion & empathy, and gain personal insight into how we all may have been living innocently, with a misunderstanding of the nature of thought, & our human experience.



Hours: Both days ? 10.00 ? 16.00.
Course admittance: Dkr. 1.500.- to be paid at registration. – acc. 2407 ? 8474 597 351. + Name Course Fee includes coffee, tee, mineralwater and sandwiches..
Max. participants: 30 persons
Location: Fælleshuset Murertoften 1 – Klinken 7 ? 2990 Nivå.
Registration: info@inside-out.academy or
6118 4360 ? Pernille Olsen





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Innate Mental Health & Well-Being for Life