Joy, Love and ease – retreat in the woods

31st May to 1st June 2019

Skogens Hus, Sweden

Have you ever wondered why children are spontaneous, care free and move through life without giving anything much thought?

Maybe, as an adult you thought this innocence and carefree way of being has been lost, forever!

What if being carefree, having joy, love and ease are actually only ever one thought away?

If you want to find inner joy, love and ease through a simple understanding, this retreat will be for you.


During this retreat.
We will explore what it means to be human and the very fact that innate mental health is always shining within us, simply waiting to be uncovered.

The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as uncovered by Sydney Banks in 1973, will be our guide to point within to the openness and love of a wisdom led heart.

Come along and find out how these Three Principles have led to thousands of personal transformations for people and how the answer you’ve been searching for is closer than you think.

Your inner spark of wisdom is a pure energy that is experienced as calm, love, joy and compassion. It is at the core of every human being. It is because of the innate wisdom within us, that no human being can or will be broken or lacking, no matter what he or she has been through, is currently experiencing, or will encounter tomorrow.

Retreat Facilitator:
Steve Adair is an international speaker, trainer and mentor. He facilitates group programmes and retreats, internationally and has his own private practise based in Central Bedfordshire, UK.
Since 1991, Steve has studied and trained in different therapeutic modalities from psychology, psychotherapy, NLP to Reiki-Seichem training. Since gaining a deeper realisation of the spiritual nature of the human experience, he now bases his practise exclusively on the Three Principles.
Steve co-created the Three Principles with Life and Soul and from there he offers 3 or 4 day’s immersions retreats for individuals and couples; practitioner development; and individualised training programmes. He enjoys leading group seminars and retreats in India and Europe.
Steve has always followed his compassionate and helpful nature and has the rare ability to touch people with a feeling of love, which in turn awakens them to their true identity. He enjoys the love of hanging out with family and friends, long countryside walks with his partner and their dog, and meeting and celebrating people from all around the word

‘During these two days that we will share together, we will be helping participants see and feel a greater ease, clarity, and enjoyment in life. It will be a perfect opportunity to relax, quiet a busy mind and enjoy a glimpse of life beyond personal thinking.’
Steve Adair


Venue – Skogens Hus.
We have chosen a very special, beautiful place in nature. An opportunity for you to take time out and feel the wonderment of a still quiet place. Nature lends itself to us as a reminder of ever changing pure energy, an invitation to pause, be still and feel the openness of love and a wisdom lead heart!
These two days will be a time for joy, love and ease on this beautiful retreat in the woods.
Skogens Hus Kyrkbyn Viskadal 1, 519 91 Istorp

We are happy to be offering you an Early bird price of 4600 sv kr for the full retreat experience. This includes your tuition, lodgings and food.
Please note that the early bird price is only on offer until March 19th 2019.

From the 20th March 2019, the price for the full retreat experience will be 5200 sv kr.
This includes your tuition, food and lodgings.

Booking information.

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Innate Mental Health & Well-Being for Life