Hope & Heart – Uncovering Inner Peace

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A unique collabaration between Purple Genie Coaching (Kim Bailey) & Three Principles with Life & Soul (Steve Adair & Tony Fiedler). A two day Three Principles event in Brighton: Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th June 2017

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Join us for an exploration of the heart of an understanding which brings new hope to the world – Three Principles (given facts) of Mind, Consciousness & Thought.

Two days to reflect on deeper meaning through discussion about principles which bring all human experience to life. Insight into these Three Principles can result in innate health, happiness & wellbeing through realisation that each one of us is the thinker in our own life. This in turn gives insight into the true spiritual nature of human experience.

The  Three Principles, first uncovered by Syd Banks in 1973, has resulted in thousands of people discovering inner resilience & lasting happiness. Through an insightful exposure to this understanding, a person is able to orient themselves toward innate health & mental resilience.

We are not broken, there is nothing to fix, inner peace is only one thought away, waiting to be uncovered.

This event is for you if:

– you have an interest in deepening an understanding of the Three Principles

– you are interested in a pure & simple understanding of spirituality through insight & feeling

– you are a mental health professional, healer, coach or simply want to be of more service to the world

– you want to explore the human experience from a perspective of true & lasting positive change

– you would like to access greater wellbeing & have been searching for more peace in your life

Your hosts for this event:

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Kim Bailey

Founder Of Purple Genie Life Coaching – Trainer, Life Coach, Counsellor & Three Principles Facilitator.

Kim’s journey into understanding how we work as human beings started in 1999, her Mum suffered so much with debilitating depression & agoraphobia , she began to search for answers to help her.

“Nothing seemed to work for my Mum until we discovered The Three Principles of Mind, Thought & Consciousness.  I will be eternally grateful as this simple understanding has transformed my mum’s life & mine, the search is finally over.”

Kim also formed the Community Rainbow Genies voluntary group in 2015, spreading hope through the Three Principles understanding.

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Steve Adair

An international speaker, trainer, Soul Coach (R) and spiritual mentor.

From an early age, Steve has been fascinated by how people think & behave. This blended with his passion for helping others has guided Steve to work within the human potential development field since1991.

Since discovering the Three Principles in 2011, Steve has realised a deeper truth about the human experience. He has always had an ability to touch people deeply in a spiritual sense & now having insight into how wisdom works, he has seen profound results in his practise.

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Tony Fiedler

Life coach, international speaker & trainer. In 2012 he set up the Three Principles with Life & Soul as a joint venture with Steve Adair.

Tony’s compassionate, caring & creative nature has seen him work successfully in corporate & third sector organisations, having gained significant experience in management, training & coaching.

Tony has facilitated Three Principles based programmes to marginalised communities & has witnessed profound results of this work first hand.

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Central Brighton – exact venue to be confirmed.


Early bird available until 29th May 2017:

£100.00 for both days /  £60.00 for one day.

Full price £125.00 for both days / £80.00 for one day.

Book via Paypal:


Event Options

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