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The Unfolding of Nature.


Spring is one of my favourite times of the year.

It’s a time of preparing the gardens for the year ahead! Cutting back unwanted over growth to allow the new to emerge! It’s also a time for the birds to sing their merry tunes as they echo their happiness that the warmer months are on the way.

I love and appreciate the wide variety of flowers, shrubs, plants and trees in my garden, yet there are two that fill my heart with joy; daffodils and tulips. From childhood I have always loved these flowers, back then it was about signalling the time of year and these last few years I have become even more fascinated…here’s why.

We are lucky to have a large garden and when we moved, that first year I planted lots of daffodils to shine brightly each February through May, in all their glory!  I planted the tiny bulbs into the soil in the autumn months and every spring without fail, the daffodils appear!  I always ponder ‘how does that happen’, those little bulbs are not battery operated, or computer chipped, so how do they know to produce these delightful flowers every year?

Now I understand that these little bulbs are blessed with the intelligence behind life that we refer to as Mind!

The more I reflected on this, the more I wondered ‘how nature looks after itself?’. How do trees, wild flowers, shrubs, bluebells, etc in what we call the wild, know what to do?  With excitement I saw simply that it’s the same intelligence that governs all things that guides and supports nature.  The same intelligence that gave us life, and continually brings  fresh thought and consciousness, also guides and supports us so that our life is filled with hope, joy, love and happiness.

Just like these bulbs know what to do, so do we when we trust our wisdom (intelligence) within. The Innate Health / True Nature that everyone is born with is steeped in neutrality, love, clarity and peace of mind. When we trust this true nature, it allows innate wisdom to guide us in ways that the human ego will never understand.

When I look around my garden and nature, I do not see  the plants being angry towards the shrubs, or the trees arguing with the grass! I see that there is a universal life force nourishing them and their simple goal is to grow healthy and strong together.

So the next time you look out to your garden or you find yourself in nature, I invite you to take a look around at the wonder around you. That same wonder, my friend, is flowing with the universal intelligence and love that we all are!

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My  Missing Gloves

I remember a time when I got into a panic as I thought I had lost my gloves.  While searching for them,  I felt an anxious feeling;  I was in a hurry, I needed them, yet personally to me these were no ordinary gloves as they’re the set that my Gran gave me the year before she passed.

You see my Gran, to me, was one of the most incredible women I have ever had the privilege to know. All the family looked up to her and loved her dearly. She was such a special part of my life and today she is still remembered with so much love. You see that’s why I never want to loose those gloves, right!

Here’s the thing, in that panic of thinking I had the insight; do these gloves really have that much power that I feel anxious! Do they really keep me closer to Gran!! The answer simply was ‘no’. Why would I remember her in something I was scared to loose?!

On reflection, isn’t that what we do with things which we will call our ‘possessions’. We put value onto things we have or belong to us, and if they get damaged or lost it can effect us in such a way we feel anxious, upset and in some cases even depressed for a few days or more.

Yet think about it, can possessions really have that much power over how we feel?  This reminds me how the principles of thought and consciousness play out in our  lives. It’s as if in these moments, we  believe that things  outside of ourselves have the power to affect how we think, feel and behave!

We have thousands of thoughts a day and as all thoughts are neutral why do we listen to some more than others? Is it because of the attachment we have placed on our belongings? Is it because we self identify with them? It is because we are living an ‘outside / in’ way of life believing that things outside of us have the ability to make us feel, or think the way we do.

This gave me fresh insight into my thinking. As an example,  in my moments of believing I had lost my gloves, my attachment was coming from the ego, the made up part of me that tells stories that seem so real at times. In seeing that ego thinking was driving my story , I saw clearly that I had created the thoughts about loosing my gloves and how I allowed these thoughts to keep me captive in what I might  feel if I had lost them. In the moment’s when I gained new insight; I could easily see how I had self created my thinking and was keeping it alive!

The answers from my inner vision, is simple to me – if we believe things outside can control us, then we are living in the illusion of life! Every thought and feeling we experience has nothing to do with people, places, or our possessions. Yet it has everything to do with ‘Us’ as self creating thinkers!

Now I have ‘Seen’ this, here is the gift;                                                                                   ‘What I feel for my gran is a wonderful feeling that lays deep within. This wonderful feeling can be felt at any moment as unconditional love and as it is formless it has no attachment or conditions, until I think it does. It is an inner knowing that cannot be bought, bartered or exchanged. Within this formlessness we are bathed in love and insights are born from the gifts of grace, clarity and gratitude’

It is in this limitless potential that wisdom resides and our truth is found. It is with love that I remember my Gran, free from negative thinking. It is in the formless energy of love that all things are made and it is where we came from and where we shall return.

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‘Moment by Moment’

Today it’s the Easter bank holiday and I had the pleasure in taking a stroll along the sea front with some friends. As we strolled, we talked about life, the scenery and how lucky we were to be be walking along such a vibrant and lively city with its beach and wondrous views.

What occurred to me while walking, was how upbeat and lively our conversations were and how we really took in the space we shared with the other people whom had the same ideas as us to walk along the sea front on such a bright sunny day.

There were parents with children, couples walking hand in hand and dog walkers all passing the day away. What I recognised was that some were happy, some not, others were smiling and some looked like it was the last place they wanted to be.

This got me reflecting on how we can all be in the same place and have different experiences.

As individuals we can all be looking and sharing the same environments, yet through the gifts of thought and consciousness, can be experiencing separate realities and it can often feel like we are worlds apart, like separate realities.

Separate realities fascinates me. I know from the Three Principles understanding that I begin to get a clearer understanding of how I interact with other people; and how they interact with me.  I remember times in the past that my ego made assumptions that people didn’t like me or people didn’t understand me by the way they looked or the tone of voice they used while we were in conversation.

Now with fresh insight, I no longer innocently think I know what others are thinking through a glance or a look they may give me, or by the tone of their voice. In every moment, I have a natural ability to recognise that all of my thoughts are based on my past experiences (good or bad), which are only stories made up by me and accepted by my ego as real, as the truth, as my reality.

What really excites me is that through this recognition in all areas of my life, I now (and  its true for everyone), can appreciate the gift of living life ‘moment by moment’. Not living with old past experiences, or expectations, or even worrying about what’s going to happen tomorrow or next week.  As the old saying goes, ‘I will cross that bridge when I get to it’.

I now know that when we are living life in the now and living ‘moment to moment’ that the bridge I cross will be one of infinite possibilities.
I trust the intelligence that guides us all, it brings wisdom forth with clear and vibrant thought creating my experience of happiness, truth and gratitude.

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