The ‘Anxious’ Coach

The Anxious Coach

Have you suffered or do you suffer from anxiety?

I have & do. In fact I’ve a diagnosis from a psychiatrist stating that I suffer from ‘Social Phobia’.

‘More than 1 in 10 people are likely to have a ‘disabling anxiety disorder’ at some stage in their life. An estimated 13% of the adult population will develop a specific form of anxiety known as a phobia at some point in their life.’ Source

With so many people suffering from anxiety, I thought it would be a useful topic to cover & how the Three Principles understanding has helped me.

Throughout my adult life, I remember always having a level of anxiety present.

In my late teens & early twenties, the anxiety was so acute that I stopped socialising. It was a debilitating experience & it’s little wonder that I’ve dedicated myself to helping people overcome difficulties.

In my life & career I’ve studied Psychology, Counselling, NLP, Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching & I’ve been on the receiving end of these interventions too. These were all useful & helped to alliviate some of the pain; but it was only when I ‘heard’ the Three Principles that I had an experience which gave me insight into where this anxiety was coming from.

After discovering the Principles, I experienced a period in which I had clarity of mind. My thinking slowed & there was room for insight & health to bubble to the surface. I had the realisation that my anxiety was being created through a belief I held about life; a belief that ‘life is difficult & a struggle’.

Once I saw this & realised that in fact it was a learnt belief,  (which I unconsciously picked up from  my parents) I felt like the plug was pulled & the anxiety went spiralling down the drain! I had psychological freedom, I saw how I was creating my ‘anxious’ experience.

In my experience it was my thoughts filtered through self created values & beliefs which caused the anxiousness. The anxiety was created in the moment, via my thinking in relation to the value & belief filter. It’s an inside / out job, not, as most people think, outside / in; e.g.. anxiety being created by the situation.

We aren’t broken or in need of fixing; we are simply experiencing thinking which keeps us stuck. Take heart that beyond this thinking, there is access to innate health & intelligence which, when tapped, provide answers & insights which will guide you toward peace of mind & psychological freedom.

Do I still experience anxiety?

You bet I do & even writing this, I’ve realised that I’ve still not had the same level of insight into why social events cause me anguish. But, you know what, it doesn’t matter, because when anxiety appears in my experience, I know that I have a choice to either ‘feel’ anxious or ‘become’ anxious. To ‘experience’ anxiety or ‘suffer’ anxiety.

What’s the difference? Well, feeling an emotion & not putting meaning to it, allows it to pass more quickly. Becoming the anxious emotion & looking for the cause, can keep us stuck, missing the beauty & intrigue that life has to offer. I ‘feel’ anxious as opposed to I ‘am’ anxious – notice the difference?

I am passionate & dedicated to helping people to see this in operation in their lives. I know that having an understanding of the Three Principles has helped me to ‘see’ how I create my experience of life & that this helps me determine what I’ve made up as opposed to what’s real & requires a response. I am less reactive & more responsive to my experience & able to discern which thoughts are worth following by the quality of my feelings.

Each one of us is only ever one thought away from mental health & clarity.

If you are suffering from anxiety, please have faith & hope that relief is at hand & is much closer than you ‘think’.

Yours lovingly,

Tony Fiedler

The Anxious Coach


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