A World of Hope (no matter what!)

I was so touched recently, by meeting & being with people who have struggled with social anxiety.

A truly beautiful group of people gathered in a quirky studio loft space in East London.
A mixture of people with a Three Principles understanding & those who came for an answer, as to why life, for them, had been such a struggle.


Writing this I have a warm glow, remembering the richness of feeling in the room & the profound sharing of my esteemed colleagues in answer to the intelligent questions posed by the group. At break times, it was a pleasure to look around & see everyone in deep conversation with rapport – where had the social anxiety gone?

On the second day, I felt tired & naturally took a back seat, letting the day unfold. This taught me so much, the more I relaxed the more the feeling came flooding in.
A feeling of love was evident in everyone, filling the room with deep connection & spirit.

Some of the group shared insights & experience of going beyond anxiety, getting a glimpse of the potential of their own innate health. This health shining away, uncovered after a long period of being buried by socially anxious thoughts.

So much love & so much heart was shared that weekend; even a month later I’m still basking in the warm feeling.
There isn’t a single human being in this world who is exempt from innate heath. Whatever is being experienced psychologically, innate heath & well-being is truly only ever one thought away.

If you are reading this & are still awaiting an insight or indeed for those who have seen the potential of the Three Principles; take heart that the more you look in this direction, the more wisdom will light the way & anxiousness will loose its grip – there’s a world of hope, if we choose to go within and really listen.

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