Back to Basics in Sweden 2017

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Sweden 2017

Steve Adair & Tony Fiedler in conjunction with Inside / Out Sweden are offering three Three Principles training workshops in Gothenburg, Sweden.

An opportunity to go back to basics, exploring & reflecting on who we truly are as human beings, using the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness & Thought as a guide.

In 1973, one man, Sydney Banks had an incredible insight, in which he realised the true spiritual essence of human experience. Syd’s insight uncovered knowledge about the human experience, which has allowed individuals globally to realise mental wellbeing & transform their lives as a result.

Even if you have experienced insight into the Three Principles / spiritual essence of life, there is always wisdom available, when we go back to basics & listen again. By emptying the cup of knowledge, we allow further space for wisdom to awaken us to profound insight. We are all beginners & will always be in the search for spiritual essence & truth.

In 2017, Steve & Tony are delighted to have been invited back to Gothenburg, Sweden, to facilitate these workshops.

These workshops are for you, if:

  • you are a helper, healer, therapist & want to look deeper into how an understanding of the true meaning of mental health will help your clients
  • you are a coach or consultant & would like to become more impactful in your work, opening your clients to insights & wisdom toward profound sustainable change & transformation
  • you want to have healthier & happier relationships with your partner, family, friends & colleagues
  • you simply enjoy the enquiry into the unknown, psychological / spiritual nature of life
  • you’ve found life difficult & have struggled with mental ill health

Join us for one or all of the following workshops, a chance to uncover a deeper sense of self.

Early bird offer available (see Cost below).

Last workshop for 2017:

23rd to 24th September 2017 ‘Wisdom, Wellbeing & Wonder’

How does developing an understanding of the Three Principles lead to more wisdom, wellbeing & wonder?

An opportunity to come together & reflect on what truly is meant by wisdom, wellbeing & wonder. The aim of this workshop is to not intellectually investigate these terms; but to foster a heart felt meaning, leading to life becoming more informed by the magic of & beyond life.

Two days to reflect on what is behind the human experience & how a natural, insightful shift to the positive aspects of life automatically leads to more love, happiness & good feeling.

Benefit of Doing the Workshop

The workshops have been developed as an opportunity for participants to get back to basics of the Three Principles understanding & the human experience. Each will build on the previous workshop; although each workshop can be attended in its own right.

Attending all three workshops, will allow you to observe how the understanding is unfolding in your everyday life with an opportunity to reflect on your grounding during each workshop.

Your Facilitators


Steve Adair

Soul Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist are just some of the titles which Steve has studied under & qualified as a practitioner. Since discovering the Three Principles five years ago, Steve has realised a deeper truth about the human experience. He has always had an ability to touch people deeply in a spiritual sense & now having had insight in how wisdom works, has seen profound results in his practise.

Steve has a gentle & loving nature when leading retreats & workshops. He is also bold in pointing people away from their egos & intellects (form), in the true knowledge of what transforms human consciousness (formlessness).

Tony Fiedler

Life coach & motivational trainer, Tony delights in combining his creative side with his caring & nurturing personality. He has over 10 year experience in the self development field; however since discovering the Three Principles in 2011, his practise (& indeed life) has been transformed.

Tony is particularly known for his work with individuals & groups whom have experienced homelessness, having developed & lead (with Steve) the first UK based Three Principles training programme, in which profound results were evident.

In 2016 Steve & Tony led three successful retreats in Sweden.


From retreats held in Sweden, 2016:

‘The weekend for me was relaxed & I felt a big difference from day one to the last day. I felt more in the now & less in my head.’

‘I absolutely recommend this retreat to others.’

‘The weekend was relaxing & full of value. To go from a head filled with ‘stuff’ to relaxed & nothing in my head – that is great!’

‘Absolutely amazing weekend. This has been the best weekend in my life. I have never felt such connection to other people before’

‘I usually feel insecure in social settings but this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore’

‘It was very soothing & relaxing. The weekend felt very open & inviting. The environment felt like ‘home’, safe & secure’

‘This weekend really helped me realise that peace of mind is always available & can be accessed at any time’

‘I’ve gained many insights & still feel right now, as if my brain is empty’


Full workshop price SEK2,200 / £200.00.

Discount available if you book more than one workshop:

Book the two remaining workshops for a total price of SEK3,850 / £350.00.

Please note VAT is included in the above quoted prices.


Moveri, Gothenburg, Sweden

To Register

Please send an email to with your information (Name, Address, Phone nr) and in the Subject line: Back to Basics. If only doing one workshop, please list the one you are wishing to attend.

Your places will be approved when we have received your payment.

Pay at 34630001212 Nordea

Please Write your name in the textfield

If you are U.K. Based for payment details and for more information, please contact Steve directly at


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